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[product-description]DynamicMaps Address & Street Manager is a BS7666 compliant software application for local authorities to manage their LLPG and LSG.

  • Create and manage the Local Land and Property Gazetteer
  • Create and manage the Local Street Gazetteer
  • Import and Export into other national or local systems
  • Integration with existing legacy CRM, ERP and GIS systems
  • Search addresses to display LLPG and LSG data, cross referencing this with legacy datasets.


    In partnership with Bramble Hub, Government organisations have access to Cadline’s DynamicMaps GIS software and services without the lengthy and costly tender process. As a Crown Commercial Service supplier, our products and services can be purchased directly from Bramble Hub under all framework agreements, including G-Cloud 9, RM1557ix and Local Authority Software Applications, RM1059. Please contact us for more information.


    Price listed includes 2 days install, set up, telephone support and basic configuration. For additional services please call for a quotation[product-description-end]


    Minimum System requirements

    • SQL server Express 2008 or above. We recommend 2008 R2
    • .NET framework 4.0 or higher
    • IIS – Internet Information services 7
    • RAM (Memory) – 2 GB recommended
    • HDD (Disk Space) – 200 MB




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