AutoCAD 3D Essentials Training Course


[product-detail]The delegate should be proficient working with 2D objects in AutoCAD and have a need to create 3D models of their designs.

It is also recommended that delegates have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows.

The current or a previous release of AutoCAD, creating and editing basic AutoCAD objects, creating and working with layouts.

This course provides a basic understanding of how to design and modify 3D models with AutoCAD. AutoCAD 3D for New Users helps users better visualise and present designs that are created with CAD. This course introduces delegates to the fundamental concepts and workflows for creating 3D models with AutoCAD. Delegates explore how to create and modify both solid and surface models. Delegates also learn how to output 3D models from the CAD system to either paper or a distributable, electronic version. The concepts and practices taught will help delegates take their AutoCAD designs beyond 2D to the next dimension – 3D! Hands-on exercises throughout the course are used to demonstrate the modelling process through the use of techniques that can be applied to the mainstream drafting industries.  [product-detail-end]

[alumnis-section][alumni]Learnt a lot of new tricks and skills in a programme I thought I knew.

Really learnt a lot of new tricks and skills in a programme I thought I knew. Friendly and great information. Really useful tips and will be telling all to come and learn

Jonathan MacDonald - Heyne Tillett Steel


Brilliant course for beginners

Brilliant course for beginners. The Trainer was excellent and very patient. Highly recommended. Will be back for a second course.

Daniel McQuaid - Taylor Maxwell



The primary objective of this course is to teach delegates powerful tools and techniques for creating and editing 3D models with AutoCAD. Note: We normally train on the latest version.

During the course delegates will cover:

  •  Introduction to 3D Modelling
  • Creating Solid Primitives
  • Creating Models from 2D Profiles
  • Creating Composite Solids
  • Working in 3D
  • Converting 2D Objects to Solids or Surfaces
  • Adding Detail to Your Solid Models
  • Converting Objects
  • Duplicating the Model
  • Getting Information from 3D Objects
  • Sectioning a Solid Model & Generating 2D Geometry
  • Creating Drawings from 3D Models
  • Using Visual Styles
  • Using Lights
  • Using Materials
  • Using the Sun
  • Editing Solid Models
  • Extracting Geometry from Solid Models
  • Changing the Model Position
  • Rendering
  • Navigating the Model
  • Using Cameras and Views

AutoCAD 3D Essentials Training Course pdf




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