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The Autodesk Inventor iLogic course is designed to effectuate active user involvement in Rule-based Design, using Inventor iLogic.

Considered the next evolution of parametric design, this Rule-based Design add-on is a simple way of recording and reusing engineering concepts and knowledge while creating parts and assemblies.

The course is designed to take design engineers to the next level of productivity by 'automating' the design process, while creating parts or assemblies using Inventor iLogic. In this course, users will be taught to simplify design processes by creating rules to: use Excel sheets to input values; suppress and activate features; trigger rules based on events such as file open/close, parameter change, etc; create 'intelligent' parametric iLogic components for use in assemblies, and select drawing views, and many more.

The course also addresses the addition of forms that can be created using iLogic.

Completion of the Autodesk Inventor entry-level course (such as our Autodesk Inventor New User course).

Designers, Design Engineers, and Manufacturing Engineers who need to understand how to effectively streamline design processes and parameterize geometric designs.


A very enjoyable course taught by a very knowledgeable instructor.

A very enjoyable course taught by a very knowledgeable instructor. Learned a lot and the course was delivered at a good pace for our group.



I found your trainer to be very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and above all, an extremely calm and patient person.

I thought that I would take some time out to drop you a brief line and to thank you for sending such an excellent trainer. I found your trainer to be very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and above all, an extremely calm and patient person.

Our group from Trillium completed our three day essentials CAD training course with Cadline yesterday.

I did do some training in CAD when I was at University, but as a straggler then, I did not get the level of support and help I needed from the lecturer who took that course. Consequently, I found that using CAD was very daunting, a stressor and to be avoided at all costs.

Not now though !!

Your trainer is an excellent ambassador for Cadline. I would like him to have recognition for his calm, patient manner, his helpfulness and most of all, for giving me the nudge I needed to overcome my CAD fears...

Well done to you all and thank you once again.

Russell Bennett - Trillium


This course covers the fundamental principles of 3D parametric part design, assembly design and creating production-ready part and assembly drawings using Autodesk Inventor. Delegates learn how to capture design intent by using the proper techniques and recommended workflows for creating intelligent 3D parametric parts; creating, placing and constraining custom and standard components in an assembly; simulating mechanisms, animating assembly designs and checking for interferences.

Note: We normally train on the latest version.

During the course delegates will cover:

  • iLogic functionality overview
  • iLogic workflow overview
  • Review of model and user-defined parameters, and equations and their importance in iLogic
  • Understanding the iLogic interface components (iLogic Panel, Edit Rule dialog box, and iLogic Browser)
  • Rule creation workflow for Inventor parts and assemblies
  • Using variations of conditional statements in an iLogic rule
  • Accessing and incorporating the various function types into an iLogic part, assembly, or drawing file rule
  • Event Triggers and iTriggers
  • Creating Forms to create a custom user interface for an iLogic rule

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