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Autodesk BIM360 Field puts critical information into the hands of the key people on a construction site. .[product-intro-end][product-detail]

Autodesk BIM360 Field puts critical information into the hands of the key people on a construction site, helping to improve quality, safety and commissioning for capital projects of all types.

The objective for this quick start is to deliver an Autodesk BIM360 Field environment, configured to enable your site teams to efficiently manage issues, tasks and equipment,regardless of location and role. We will configure both the desktop and mobile interface and train your core users on how to create, share and respond to site activities.


    What We Will Do For You

    Step 1
    Scoping and Platform Documentation Session (Web Session)

    • Webinar scoping session with project stakeholders
    • Completion of technical scope, documentation and sign off

    Step 2

    Administration & Configuration – Core Team (Customer Site)

    • Introduction to BIM360
    • Account level configuration
    • Project configuration
    • Adding users and controlling permissions
    • Importing data
    • Setting up locations
    • Creating issue types
    • Creating root cause categories

    Desktop Interface and iPad User Training – Core Team (Customer Site)

    • Issues
    • Checklists
    • Tasks
    • Reporting
    • Dashboard
    • Equipment module (Overview)

    User Training (iPad Focused) – Site Team (Customer Site )

    • Overview of BIM360 and how it has been configured (Based on day 1 and 2)
    • Accessing the latest information
    • Adding an issue
    • Completing a checklist
    • Site diary
    • Tasks
    • Web app

    Step 3

    Go Live, Adoption and System Documentation Delivery (Web Session)

    • Go Live technical support
    • Final system configuration
    • User accessibility and functionality
    • Final platform documentation submission to BIM360 stakeholders

    Providing Your Ongoing Support

    1 year Advanced BIM360 Platform Support

    Our BIM360 experts are on hand to help you manage, adopt and extend your system beyond implementation. Project data, files and models are an expanding and growing asset and we are there to offer the right advice as the demands on your environment increase. Further interoperability issues may be a consideration as will the need to extend access to field based users. Support includes:

    • Ongoing file and data structure
    • Project configuration
    • User access and permissions
    • Mobile access and extending project use

    BIM 360 Field Quick Start pdf



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