BIM 360 Glue - Single User



BIM Collaboration Software for Constructability Reviews

Streamline VDC & BIM preconstruction workflows through the acceleration of model coordination and clash detection..

  • Conduct constructability reviews on the jobsite or in the office
  • Identify costly issues in the preconstruction phase
  • Improve VDC & BIM collaboration while accelerating clash detection



Access to the internet


Cloud-connected preconstruction workflows
Accelerate constructability reviews and let multidisciplinary teams quickly identify and resolve costly issues in the preconstruction phase with anytime, anywhere access to project models.

  • Centralise BIM Models

Merge models in the cloud to collaborate and coordinate with project stakeholders.

  • Round Trip Coordination 

Desktop to cloud model merging, versioning and clash resolution.

  • Extend Model Access 

Provide access to 50+ file formats to workers in the field on their iPads.

  • Not just clash detection. Clash avoidance.

Rather than simply detecting clashes, BIM 360 Glue helps contractors avoid clashes before coordination meetings.


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