BIM 360 Plan - Single User



Cloud-enabled Lean Construction Practices

Build more reliable project work plans and reduce waste associated with overproduction, excess inventory and task rework.

  • Create work sequences
  • Customise project views
  • Track & analyse performance
  • Keep teams on schedule



Access to the internet


Fewer sticky notes. More reliable planning.
Reduce the time needed to articulate, input, maintain and share tasks, handoffs and dependencies collected in production planning meetings.

  • Less Project Waste

Create activities and track roadblocks that can disrupt reliable production.

  • Fewer Schedule Delays 

Reinforce Last Planner behaviour with built-in accountability workflows.

  • More Accountability 

Real-time collaboration reduces missed commitments associated with out of date information.

  • More accountability. Better performance.

Gain insight into the detailed metrics around what was executed compared to what was planned..


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