BIM 360 Team - Single User




Collaborate in the cloud with your team, from anywhere

  • View, share, and review over 50 2D and 3D file formats
  • Interact directly with models and drawings right in your browser
  • Create markups and redlines
  • Capture feedback from your extended team



Access to the internet


Access your designs from anywhere
View, share, and review files with team members and project stakeholders directly in your browser.

  • Centralise Project Information

One online workspace for all project team members, helping distributed teams stay connected and organised at all times.

  • Connect The Entire Design Team 

Viewing, commenting and marking up design models by all team members simplifies the review process and eliminates emailing or file transferring large sets of data.

  • Accelerate Decision Making

Easily provide or solicit feedback with comment and markup tools. Redline drawings, comment on complex 3D models and keep an organized record of all project feedback..

  • Capture feedback from the extended team

Hold multi-user live review sessions, and create redlines and markups to deliver projects faster.


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