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Autodesk BIM 360 Design allows you to connect your building project teams with centralised access to BIM project data... [product-intro-end][product-detail]

Autodesk BIM 360 Design allows you to connect your building project teams with centralised access to BIM project data and concurrent access to Revit models.

The objective of this quick start is to deliver an optimised Autodesk BIM 360 Design environment, configured to enable your organisation to collaborate effectively on shared projects with other team members. We will develop and train you on new workflows allowing you to efficiently work with others concurrently on Revit models, as well as communicate with the wider project team. Track changes as they happen as well as visualising in 2D and 3D..


    What We Will Do For You

    Session 1 - Scoping and Review of Existing Workflows

    • Review of Project Stakeholders
      • Working with internal project team members
      • Collaborating with external project teams
    • Identify Functional Requirements
      • Working concurrently on a cloud hosted Revit model
      • Review changes to models on mobile devices
    • Managing Central Models
      • Understanding how models are segmented
      • Best practice

    Session 2 - Administration Training & Project Configuration for System

    • Account administration
    • Project creation and activating services
    • Project folder structure and desktop connector
    • Creating a central model in the cloud
    • Understanding linking files from the cloud
    • Initiating Revit worksharing
    • Uploading and accessing information
    • Security and permissions
    • Marking-up and sharing comments
    • Reviews
    • Design change analysis
    • Request for information (RFI)
    • Insight and Dashboard analytics
    • Reporting
    • Mobile device connectivity

    Session 3 - User Training

    • Accessing the central model from Revit
    • Desktop connector
    • Marking-up and sharing comments
    • Design change analysis
    • Insight and Dashboard analytics
    • Reporting
    • Mobile device connectivity

    Session 4 – Platform Adoption & Project Support

    • Extending the project team to other office locations and organisations
    • Live project system configuration and modification
    • On project user adoption training

    Advanced Support

    Our BIM 360 experts are on hand to help you manage, adopt and extend your system beyond implementation. Project data, files and models are an expanding and growing asset and we are there to offer the right advice as the demands on your environment increase. Further interoperability issues may be a consideration as will the need to extend access to field based users.
    Support includes:

    • Ongoing file and data structure
    • Model federation
    • Project configuration
    • User access and permissions
    • Mobile access and extending project use

      BIM 360 Design Quick Start pdf



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