Cadline Capture



Cadline Capture application enables you to more easily manage your Autodesk software products and licensing. Providing an online reporting tool, licence compliancy, and options for implementing standard working practices via project specific templates.

  • Autodesk Software:
    • Licence Usage Reporting
    • Product Usage Reporting
    • Machine Usage Reporting
    • User Usage Reporting
  • Manage your Autodesk Software estate for all project teams across multiple geographies
  • Implement standard working practices through the use of project Templates
  • View Application Statistics to help you monitor monthly Autodesk application usage
  • Run automated reports to track software usage, identify where costs savings can be made and increase your Return on Investment
  • Identify where licenses are being ‘ring-fenced’ by users without utilsiing the software
  • Onsite implementation as well as Software as A Service (SaaS)
  • Monthly and Annual licensing options


Price listed includes up to 2 days install, set up, telephone support and basic configuration. For additional services, multiple users and term licencing please call for a quotation. Below is a guide based on the the number of users.

Number of users

Price (£) per annum (ex. VAT)





101 - 200


201- 500


1000 + 




Minimum System requirements

  • SQL server Express 2008 or above. We recommend 2008 R2 or above
  • .NET framework 4.5 or higher
  • IIS – Internet Information services 7 or higher
  • RAM (Memory) – 4 GB recommended
  • HDD (Disk Space) – 400 MB





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