Civil 3D Essentials - For Surveyors Training Course



The course is designed for delegates who are new to working with AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Delegates should have a working knowledge of AutoCAD.  It is also recommended that delegates have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows XP or newer and know how to navigate the Internet.

This course is designed to teach the essential elements of AutoCAD Civil 3D to new users.


A brilliant course and ideal for any person

A brilliant course and ideal for any person. A great tutor who helps you in every aspect of understanding workflows, processes and design. Overall a fantastic course

Alex Harvey - Bolton At Home



I learned a lot of useful new skills and I would definitely recommend to colleagues.

Really enjoyed the training, I learned a lot of useful new skills and I would definitely recommend to colleagues. Lovely staff and trainer, great facilities. Thanks!

Tecomak Environmental Services Ltd


During the course delegates will cover:

      The Civil 3D Environment (basic introduction to the following)
        • Civil 3D foundation products (AutoCAD 2D & 3D, MAP 3D, Civil 3D)
        • Application Menu
        • Templates (including UKIE Template)
        • Workspace
        • Ribbon Menus
        • Toolspace (Prospector, Settings, Survey, Toolbox)
        • Change Style
        • Quick Profile
        • Drawing Area
        • Command Line
        • Panorama
        Importing and Creating Points
        • Create Points Manually
        • Create Point Style
        • Create Label Styles
        • Create Point Groups
        • Import Point File


        Description Key Sets
          • Create Description Key Set
          • Parameters
          • Modify Import File
          • Apply Description Key Set
          Survey Tools
          • Survey Database
          • Survey Equipment
          • Figure Prefix Database
          • Linework Code Sets
          Import Survey Data
          • Create Survey Database
          • Import Survey File
          • Create Survey Network
          • Create Figure Prefix Database
          • Create Figure Styles
          Survey Figures
          • Import Survey Figures
          • Manually Create Survey Figure
          • Editing Raw Data Files

          Translating Survey Data

          • Translate or Transform
          • Lock Points
          • Translate Survey
          Survey Analysis
          • Least Squares Analysis
          • Create Traverse
          • Travers Analysis
          • Updating Survey Database

          Multiple Networks
          • Create Connected Traverse

          Create and Analyse a Surface
          • Import a PENZ.csv file
          • Object Viewer
          • Quick Profile
          • Surface analysis (spot levels, slopes, contours, water drop, catchments, colour banding)
          • Change Style

          Surface Editing and Filtering
          • Move, Edit point
          • Delete/Add Lines
          • Swap Edge
          • Add Breaklines
          • Create Surface Boundaries
          • Surface Definitions (exclude greater than, less than, by internal TIN angle etc.)
          Create Cross Sections
          • Create Sample Lines
          • Create Cross Sections
          • Annotate Sections

          Drawing Production
          • Create View Frame Groups
          • Create Sheets for Plans/Profiles
          • Create Section Sheets

          Sharing Dynamic Data
          • Data Shortcuts

          Assessment Exercise
          • Short exercise (30 mins) based on lessons learnt over the 2 days training

                Civil 3D Essentials - For Surveyors Training Course pdf



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