Civil 3D - Unit A - Advanced Geometry - Roundabout Design Training Course



This course will introduce advanced alignment, profile and corridor design techniques and how they can employed to manually design roundabouts in Civil 3D. 

Delegates should have a good working knowledge of AutoCAD Civil 3D or have attended an AutoCAD Civil 3D New Users or Civil 3D Essentials course.


A brilliant course and ideal for any person

A brilliant course and ideal for any person. A great tutor who helps you in every aspect of understanding workflows, processes and design. Overall a fantastic course

Alex Harvey - Bolton At Home



I learned a lot of useful new skills and I would definitely recommend to colleagues.

Really enjoyed the training, I learned a lot of useful new skills and I would definitely recommend to colleagues. Lovely staff and trainer, great facilities. Thanks!

Tecomak Environmental Services Ltd


During the course delegates will cover:

1. Civil 3D Functionality – Knowledge Refresher

  • Use of Prospector, ribbon menus and right mouse button menus
  • Basic creation and analysis of Civil 3D Surfaces
  • Use of Object Viewer, Quick Profiler and Isolate tool
  • Brief refresher on Feature lines and Grading tools

2. Horizontal Alignment Creation

  • Alignments from Objects
  • IP method
  • Element method
  • Using the alignment grid view

3. Vertical Profile Creation

  • Create an existing surface profile
  • Create profiles through multiple surfaces
  • Design profiles using IP method,
  • Design profiles using Element method

4. Alignment and Profile based on Design Criteria

  • Design Checks
  • Design Criteria Files
  • Design Speeds
  • Tangency Checks

5. Alignment Widening

  • Create offset alignments
  • Create widening areas

6. Assembly Creation

  • Recap creating a basic subassembly
  • Creating Offset Assemblies

7. Corridor Creation

  • Recap corridor basics
  • Assembly targeting
  • Creating Regions
  • Controlling Frequencies

8. Corridor Surfaces

  • Creating Surfaces from corridors
  • Use of corridor boundaries to control surfaces

9. Roundabout Design

  • Step by step manual process to design a Roundabout from scratch 

10. Civil 3D Roundabout Wizard

  • How it works
  • Possible limitations for the UK design of roundabouts

11. Project Explorer – Overview Only

  • Interactive reporting from Civil 3D objects
  • Creating bespoke reports

12. Subassembly Composer – Overview Only

  • How to create your own subassemblies

13. Roundabout Design with AutoCAD Vehicle Tracking Tool (AVT) – Overview Only 

  • Overview of roundabout design in AVT



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