Cadline’s Dynamic Asset Information Model or ‘AIM’ for short is a powerful one-stop-shop for all your BIM, Survey and Building Asset Information.

DynamicAIM covers the entire lifecycle of an asset, from initial site surveys to capture existing buildings, through new build design & construction information, to operation and maintenance.


DynamicAIM is a connector to your existing technology stack, linking with your existing asset management or FM systems, handling Big Data so you don’t have to. Point Clouds, BIM models, drone data and more are all at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need them, allowing you to drill down into asset information at a granular level.

DynamicAIM models enable you to tour the entire asset virtually in incredible detail; every room, every level, down to the operation manuals for installed appliances.Users can quickly and easily navigate buildings in 360HD, interrogating materials, schematics, safety and compliance information. Access everything from Cladding information; to when a pump was last serviced. 

DynamicAIM does away with the need for any native CAD software. Surveys and models load quickly putting you in control of all the information you need.

Access DynamicAIM from your desktop or mobile device. Search for assets by tag number or keyword. Fly straight to the asset in 360HD wherever it is in the world!

DynamicAIM takes built asset management to the next level.


Each licence includes 2 View Licences

Includes 100GB storage, support & maintenance

£250 per Create Named User per Month + £500 Initial set up fee. Based on a 12 month term *subject to project



System requirements for DynamicAIM

Application Server –

Server Operating System

Windows XP SP2

Windows Vista or Windows 7

Windows Server 2003

Windows 2008


Server Type

Intel Multithreading Processor



2 GB or above 

Hard Disk Space

1 GB or above 


Microsoft .net framework 4.0 or higher, asp.net 2 or higher


Database Server –


Database System

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard or above,

Oracle or Microsoft Access

OLEDB (ADO) or ODBC Connectors

Database Type

Intel Multithreading Processor



4 GB or above 

Hard Disk Space

20GB or above 


Microsoft .net framework 3.5 or higher, asp.net 2 or higher 

Client Requirements –

Internet Browser

Internet Explorer 9 or above


Google Chrome




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