GML Translator


[product-description]GML Translator is a software solution designed to translate Ordnance Survey MasterMap (OSMM) and OS VectorMap Local into geospatial layers in your spatial database.

The DynamicMaps GML Translator will process, translate and style the following layers:

  • OSMM Topography Layer
  • ITN Layer, including Urban Paths Theme
  • Data can be processed into multiple formats, including: MapInfo .TAB, ESRI .SHP, AutoCAD .DWG or .DXF
  • Translate, style and load OSMM data into your spatial database
  • Generate Raster Tiles based on OSMM for display in your Web or Desktop GIS

In partnership with Bramble Hub, Government organisations have access to Cadline’s DynamicMaps GIS software and services without the lengthy and costly tender process. As a Crown Commercial Service supplier, our products and services can be purchased directly from Bramble Hub under all framework agreements, including G-Cloud 9, RM1557ix and Local Authority Software Applications, RM1059. Please contact us for more information.



    System requirements for DynamicMaps webGIS (GML Translator)

    Application Server –


    Server Operating System

    Windows XP SP2

    Windows Vista or Windows 7

    Windows Server 2003

    Windows 2008


    Server Type

    Intel Multithreading Processor



    2 GB or above 

    Hard Disk Space

    1 GB or above 


    Microsoft .net framework 4.0 or higher, 2 or higher


    Database Server –


    Database System

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard or above,

    Oracle or Microsoft Access

    OLEDB (ADO) or ODBC Connectors

    Database Type

    Intel Multithreading Processor



    4 GB or above 

    Hard Disk Space

    20GB or above 


    Microsoft .net framework 3.5 or higher, 2 or higher 



    Client Requirements –


    Internet Browser

    Internet Explorer 9 or above


    Google Chrome




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